Blood Omen 2 is about Kain, an arrogant nobleman-turned-vampire who first starred in the 1996 PlayStation game Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Its spin-off sequel was Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, an outstanding game that introduced a new main character and made Kain the villain. Last year’s Soul Reaver 2 was also impressive, even though it still didn’t tie up the story’s loose ends. The new Blood Omen 2, on the other hand, returns to the 1996 game’s storyline and takes place before Soul Reaver. That’s pretty confusing, but Blood Omen 2 is itself a fairly straightforward action adventure game, only with a lot more blood than you’d normally find in such a game. Soul Reaver fans will find a familiar experience in Blood Omen 2, but the new game lacks the innovation and the surprising drama that made the Soul Reaver series great. There’s still a lot to like about Blood Omen 2, though much like the original, its fiendish main character is the best thing about it.
Kain is the main character of Blood Omen 2, but he’s not the hero, and “antihero” isn’t the right way to describe him either. In Blood Omen 2, Kain is not heroic in the least. He’s one of the only main characters in gaming who comes across as purely evil–he is not only a vampire, but also a savage killer. Interestingly, he still represents the moral center of Blood Omen 2–unlike his foes, Kain is thoroughly sincere and never minces his words, and in doing so, he remains a very intriguing protagonist. He is brought to life by the voice of Simon Templeman, who’s portrayed him in all four Legacy of Kain games. Here, Templeman hams it up as good as ever, smoothly delivering Kain’s lines in perfectly sinister fashion. With a couple of exceptions, the rest of the game’s voice actors don’t stand out as much, and the dialogue in Blood Omen 2–which is as long-winded as ever–generally isn’t quite as engaging as that of the Soul Reaver games. The plot itself isn’t particularly inspired either. Kain awakens hundreds of years after the events of the first Blood Omen, in a world occupied by both magic and technology. He reluctantly joins with a vampire resistance to restore rule over the world to the vampires.
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  • Type: Horror Action Adventure
  • Language: 
  •  Players: 1-2
  • Release: 21/03/2002
    • Hosting: Megaupload
  • Format : ISO
  • Files number: 5

  • Parts Size: 2.21 GB

  • Size after decompression: 3 GB 
  • Tested with:  PAL

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